Windows XP Tips & Tricks

A New Thumbnails View                            Installing XP Unattended
Avoid XP Registration                            Launch Applications Fast
Bigger Thumbnails In XP                         Make A Custom Screensaver
Capture Error Messages                 Make Risky File Extensions Obvious
Change A Hard Drive's Icon                  Make Shift Turn Off Caps Lock
Change Preferences To Speed Searches  Never Reactivate After Reinstalling
Change The Location Of The Taskbar            One-Line Notepad Paragraphs
Change The Look Of The Desktop          Password Protect Your Screensaver
Change The Size And Font Of Icons             Power-Off On Shutdown In XP
Change Timeout For Hanged Programs              Program Your Power Switch
Change Your Mouse Pointer                    Pulverize Personalized Menus
Clean The Temp Folder At Startup          Recover A Corrupted System File
Clean Up Old Printer Files               Refresh Thumbnails To Save Space
Clear The Last Network Logon                    Remove Ads From Messenger
Comments Link In Windows XP             Remove Items From Add/Remove List
Configure The Pre-Logon Display          Restore A Lost Show Desktop Icon
Context Menu Options To Move/Copy               Restore A Lost Status Bar
Control RegEdit's Key Memory                   Restore File Sharing In XP
Control Startup Launch Order              Run Scheduled Tasks During Idle
Create Your Own Logon Message                 Saving Windows Update Files
Creating A DOS Startup Disk                Shortcut To The Device Manager
Creating A Windows Startup Disk              Show All Your Hidden Devices
Customize The Start Menu                         Show My Recent Documents
Defragmenting For More Speed                  Single-Click Shutdown In XP
Deleting Stubborn AVI Files                    Some Items Cannot Be Shown
Deleting XP Hotfix Files                        Stop BSoD From Restarting
Disable XP's Error Reporting             Stop MSN Messenger From Starting
Disable The Desktop Cleanup Wizard                   The Right Resolution
Disable The .Net Logon Screen                       Tile Selected Windows
Disable The XP Boot Logo                     Time And Date In System Tray
Disable Unnecessary Services             Turn Off Automatic Notifications
Disable Windows File Protection             Turn Off Built-in ZIP Support
Disabling The Thumbnail View                   Turn Off Thumbnail Caching
Eliminate Common Tasks Pane                 Turn The Modem Speaker Off/On
Enable The Hibernate Option                  TweakUI For XP Install Fails
Encrypt Your Sensitive Files                       Uninstall MSN Explorer
End Non-Responsive Programs                       Username Mismatch In XP
Find The Missing Window                        Using The Recovery Console   
Freeze Your Explorer View                         Using The XCOPY Command
Get Back The Desktop Icons                    Virtual Memory Low Messages
Hack Your Own Update CD                    Windows Media Player Shortcuts
Hide Tabs In Display Properties                    XP's ClearType Utility
Install The XP Recovery Console                   XP's On-Screen Keyboard