Windows Media Player Shortcuts

If you're listening to music in Windows Media Player 11, don't reach for your mouse. Instead, use these quick keyboard shortcuts.

 Open Help                                 F1
 Edit media information                    F2
 Add media files to the library            F3
 Refresh information in the panes          F5
 Increase the size of album art            F6
 Mute the volume                           F7
 Decrease the volume                       F8
 Increase the volume                       F9
 Show the classic menus (menu bar)         F10
 Switch to full-screen mode                F11
 Zoom to 50 percent                        Alt+1
 Zoom to 100 percent                       Alt+2
 Zoom to 200 percent                       Alt+3
 Switch to full mode                       Ctrl+1
 Switch to skin mode                       Ctrl+2
 Play the previous item                    Ctrl+B
 Move the focus to the search box          Ctrl+E
 Play the next item                        Ctrl+F
 Turn shuffle on or off                    Ctrl+H
 Eject CD or DVD                           Ctrl+J
 Show or hide the menu bar in full mode    Ctrl+M
 Create a playlist                         Ctrl+N
 Open a file                               Ctrl+O
 Play or pause a file                      Ctrl+P
 Stop playback                             Ctrl+S
 Repeat the playlist                       Ctrl+T
 Specify either a URL or a path of a file  Ctrl+U
 Close or stop playing a file              Ctrl+W
 Decrease the size of album art            Shift+F6
 Show video full screen                    Alt+Enter
 Rewind video                              Ctrl+Shift+B
 Turn captions and subtitles on or off     Ctrl+Shift+C
 Fast-forward through video or music       Ctrl+Shift+F
 Play faster than normal speed             Ctrl+Shift+G
 Play at normal speed                      Ctrl+Shift+N
 Play slower than normal speed             Ctrl+Shift+S
 Switch to the previous view               Alt+Left Arrow
 Switch to the next view                   Alt+Right Arrow