Remove Ads From Messenger

Ads are everywhere. Why tolerate them in Windows XP Messenger? In just a couple of short steps, you can be ad-free forever. If you are one of the unlucky people who has rotating ads on the bottom of your buddy list, follow the steps below to kill them dead:

 1. Exit out of MSN Messenger completely
 2. Locate the file 'links.txt' on your computer
 3. Open the file in Notepad
 4. Highlight and erase the entire contents of the file
 5. Save the file
 6. Right-click on the file and choose 'Properties'
 7. Check the 'Read-Only' box and click OK

Now when you open MSN Messenger, there will be one basic MSN logo in the buddy list instead of rotating logos. This basic logo is stored on your computer, in the messenger program folder, as logo.gif. You can rename logo.gif to logobak.gif (or delete it altogether) and the normal ad space will appear blank. You can also change logo.gif into whatever picture you choose.