Remove Items From Add/Remove List

If you share your computer with other people in your house and they have a habit of uninstalling programs from the Add/Remove list, or you don't want them seeing what is installed on your computer, you can take out any program from the list without actually uninstalling it. Just follow these steps:

 1. Click on your Start button, select Run and type in regedit
 2. Look for the following key:
 3. Look for the program you want to hide under the Uninstall subkey
    and highlight it (If you see all numbers and letters, highlight
    that key and look in the right pane for the programs name)
 4. Select Export from the File menu and select a name and location
    for the .reg file that will be created
 5. Now delete the program under the Uninstall subkey

If you ever decide to uninstall a program, simply double-click on the .reg file to restore the uninstall data then launch the Add/Remove Programs.