Run Scheduled Tasks During Idle

If you have a scheduled task running or are planning to schedule a task, you can have Windows automatically run the scheduled task when your computer goes into idle mode. Simply follow these steps:

 1. Go to 'Start->Programs->Accessories->System Tools->Scheduled Tasks'
 2. Click on the "Add Scheduled Task' icon
 3. Click on the 'Next 'button and select a program to schedule
 4. Click 'Next' then select the 'Daily' radio button
 5. Click 'Next' until you reach the last screen then select the 'Open
    Advanced Properties For This Task When I click Finish' checkbox
    then click on the 'Finish' button
 6. Click on the 'Settings' tab near the top of the new dialog box
 7. In the Idle Time section, select the "Only start the task if the
    computer has been idle for at least' checkbox
 8. Select how long you want your computer to be idle before starting
    the scheduled task
 9. Click 'Apply' then 'OK'

From now on, Windows will run the scheduled task when you computer is idle for the specified time you chose. However, Windows could run the scheduled task numerous times a day, depending on how many times your computer goes into idle mode.