Single-Click Shutdown In XP

In Windows XP you can you can shut down your computer with a single mouse click by using a shortcut on the Desktop. To create a shortcut, right-click on the Desktop and select 'New->Shortcut'. Type 'Shutdown' in the line and press 'Next'. Type in a name for your new shortcut and click 'Finish'. You must add a line switch from below to the shortcut to tell your system what to do when shutting down. Just add them in when typing in 'Shutdown' in the Command line. Make sure to add a space between the line switches. Example: Shutdown -r

 -f   Force running applications to close without warning
 -i   Display the shutdown interface
 -l   Log off the current user of the local computer
 -s   Shutdown the computer
 -r   Shutdown and restart the computer