PowerPoint Keyboard Shortcuts

F5                View presentation from starting slide
Tab               Toggle through objects
Ctrl+]            Increases font size
Ctrl+[            Decreases font size
Ctrl+A            Select all objects
Ctrl+B            Bold
Ctrl+C            Copy
Ctrl+D            Duplicate
Ctrl+E            Centers the text in the selected shape
Ctrl+G            Group selected objects
Ctrl+I            Apply Italic format to text
Ctrl+L            Left-align the text in the selected shape
Ctrl+M            Add new slide
Ctrl+R            Right-align the text in the selected shape
Ctrl+V            Paste
Ctrl+W            Close presentation
Ctrl+Y            Repeats last action
Ctrl+Z            Undo last change
Ctrl+F1           Hides/un-hides the ribbon
Ctrl+Alt+V        Paste Special
Ctrl+Shift+C      Copies the formatting of a shape
Ctrl+Shift+G      Un-group selected objects
Ctrl+Shift+V      Paste the formatting of a shape
Ctrl+Shift+Tab    Switches between Thumbnail and Outline view
Ctrl+drag         Create a copy of an object
Ctrl+Mouse wheel  Zoom in and out
Shift+F5          View presentation from current slide
Shift+Enter       Create a line break in the text
Shift+Left click  Select multiple objects
Alt+F5            Shows the presentation in Presenter view
Alt+F10           Show/hide the Selection pane