Publisher Keyboard Shortcuts

F6             Bring to front
F7             Check spelling
F9             Move between page view and size view
Esc            Cancel selection
Ctrl+A         Highlight all text in a box or cell
Ctrl+B         Make text bold
Ctrl+D         Add a shadow
Ctrl+C         Copy selected text or object
Ctrl+E         Center a paragraph
Ctrl+F         Find
Ctrl+H         Find and replace
Ctrl+I         Italicize text
Ctrl+J         Justify text
Ctrl+L         Align left
Ctrl+M         Move between background and foreground page
Ctrl+N         Create a new publication
Ctrl+O         Open current publication
Ctrl+P         Print
Ctrl+R         Align right
Ctrl+S         Save
Ctrl+T         Make text transparent or opaque
Ctrl+U         Underline text
Ctrl+W         Turn Snap to Guides on or off
Ctrl+X         Cut selected text or object
Ctrl+Y         Redo
Ctrl+Z         Undo
Ctrl+Tab       Insert a tab in a table cell
Ctrl+Enter     Insert a frame break
Ctrl+Shift+C   Copy formatting
Ctrl+Shift+F   Change text font
Ctrl+Shift+G   Group or un-group objects
Ctrl+Shift+H   Add or remove hyphens
Ctrl+Shift+K   Make text small capitals
Ctrl+Shift+N   Add a page after the current page
Ctrl+Shift+O   Show or hide boundaries and guides
Ctrl+Shift+P   Change text size
Ctrl+Shift+S   Change text style
Ctrl+Shift+X   Delete a text frame or table
Ctrl+Shift+Y   Show or hide special characters