Outlook Keyboard Shortcuts

F1             Help
F3             Find a contact or other item
F4             Find or replace
F7             Spellcheck
F9             Check for new messages
F11            Find a contact
F12            Save As (only in Mail view)
Delete         Delete selected item
Ctrl+.         Switch to next open message
Ctrl+,         Switch to previous open message
Ctrl+1         Switch to Mail view
Ctrl+2         Switch to Calendar view
Ctrl+3         Switch to Contacts view
Ctrl+4         Switch to Tasks view
Ctrl+5         Switch to Notes
Ctrl+6         Switch to Folder List
Ctrl+7         Switch to Shortcuts
Ctrl+A         Select All
Ctrl+B         Bold
Ctrl+C         Copy selected text
Ctrl+F         Forward message
Ctrl+H         Find and replace text
Ctrl+K         Check names against Address Book
Ctrl+O         Open
Ctrl+P         Print
Ctrl+Q         Mark selected message read
Ctrl+R         Reply
Ctrl+S         Save message as draft
Ctrl+U         Mark selected message unread
Ctrl+V         Paste copied text
Ctrl+X         Cut selected text
Ctrl+Y         Go to folder...
Ctrl+Z         Undo
Ctrl+Alt+2     Switch to Work Week calendar view
Ctrl+Alt+3     Switch to Full Week calendar view
Ctrl+Alt+4     Switch to Month calendar view
Ctrl+Alt+J     Mark message as Not Junk
Ctrl+Alt+M     Mark message for download
Shift+Ctrl+A   Create a new Appointment
Shift+Ctrl+B   Open the Address Book
Shift+Ctrl+C   Create a new Contact
Shift+Ctrl+E   Create a new folder
Shift+Ctrl+F   Open the Advanced Find window
Shift+Ctrl+H   Create a new Office document
Shift+Ctrl+I   Switch to Inbox
Shift+Ctrl+J   Create a new Journal Entry
Shift+Ctrl+K   Create a new Task
Shift+Ctrl+L   Create a new Contact Group
Shift+Ctrl+M   Create a new Message
Shift+Ctrl+N   Create a new Note
Shift+Ctrl+O   Switch to the Outbox
Shift+Ctrl+P   Open the New Search Folder window
Shift+Ctrl+Q   Create a new Meeting Request
Shift+Ctrl+U   Create a new Task Request
Shift+Ctrl+R   Reply All
Alt+H          Go to Home tab
Alt+S          Send message
Alt+Left       Go to previous view in the main Outlook window
Alt+Right      Go to next view in the main Outlook window