Wake Up To The New Alarm Clock

Windows 8.1 now includes a new alarm clock app that also includes a stopwatch and a timer. To get to it from the Start screen, click on the down arrow to switch to the Apps screen and select the tile for Alarms. You'll see an alarm set for 7:15 a.m. for each weekday. To change that, click on the time. You can now alter the hour by moving the inner circle and the minutes by moving the outer circle. To repeat the same alarm, select the 'Repeats' option and select the days you wish the alarm to go off. To set the alarm sound, select the 'Chimes' item under Sound. You can choose Xylophone, Chords, Jingle, and Echo, among other sounds, and preview the sound before you pick it. When you're done, select the 'Save' icon in the upper right corner, and your alarm will wake you up at the appointed hour.