View 2 Web Pages Side By Side

The Windows 8 Modern UI version of IE 10 can show you just one Web page at a time. In contrast, in Windows 8.1, IE 11 can display two Web pages side by side. To try this, start up Internet Explorer, then open up a Web site, such as ''. Right-click on the screen to display your browser tabs, then click on the 'New tab' button and browse to another site, such as ''. Right-click again, and you can bounce back and forth between WinTips and Google by clicking on each site's tab.

To display both sites alongside each other, right-click on the tab for Google and select the option to 'Open tab in new window'. Google now appears on the right side of the browser, while WinTips is nestled on the left. You can also change the relative size of the two windows by dragging the divider bar to the left or right.