About WinTips Web & WinTricks

WinTips Web is dedicated to you getting the most out of your computer experience. If you're on your computer as much as we are, you might as well get the most out of it as possible to make your experience more productive and fun.

And that's how WinTricks was born. We got tired of searching and finding the best ways to personalize our computers the way we wanted to, so we decided to compile everything we found and learned, then put it all in one place to make it easier for other people who wanted to personalize their own compters.

WinTips Web has decided to lay WinTricks to rest after 20 years of gathering tips and tricks due in part to us moving on to other things and due to the way Windows is now updated making most tips and tricks irrelevant once a new Windows update is released.

We would like to thank everyone who has followed us throughout the years, to everyone that has recommended WinTricks to new users, and to our partner sites for hosting the program for all these years.

Thank You,
The WinTips Team