Unlocking Startup Programs

There are a few programs that must run at start-up but that requires User Account Control authorization to proceed. For security, Vista just won't let some programs launch from any of the standard start-up locations. The solution lies in scheduling a task that runs at start-up. You might think Vista would block this too, but there's a reason it doesn't. Any process can tweak the standard start-up locations without triggering UAC, so those locations are considered dangerous. But launching Task Scheduler requires UAC confirmation, and thus Vista trusts scheduled tasks. Here's what you do:

  1. Click on the Start orb and enter Task Scheduler
  2. Enter an Administrator password or click 'Confirm' as
     required by UAC
  3. Click on the 'Create Task' link
  4. On the General tab give the task a name
  5. Select a user account that has Administrator privileges
  6. Check the option 'Run only when user is logged on'
  7. Check the box 'Run with highest privileges'
  8. Click on the 'Triggers' tab then click the 'New' button
  9. Select 'At log on' from the drop-down list at the top
 10. Check the 'Any user' option
 11. At the bottom under Advanced Settings, check the 'Enabled'
     box then click 'OK'
 12. Click on the 'Actions' tab then click the 'New' button
 13. Click 'Browse' and locate the utility.
 14. In the Add arguments box enter '/Startup'
 15. Click on the 'Settings' tab then check the box 'Run task
     as soon as possible'
 16. Uncheck the box 'Stop the task if it runs longer than'
 17. Click 'OK' then 'OK' again

Now, launch the program and uncheck any settings telling the program to run on startup. When you reboot, the program will launch at startup with no gripes from Vista.