Windows NT4 Tips & Tricks

Access NTFS Partitions From DOS                    Get Rid Of The Desktop
Automatically Reboot After Crash           Microsoft Plus! On Windows NT4
Add Items To The SendTo Folder           Open With Command On Right Click
Avoid ROLLBACK.exe In NT4                     Plug N' Play Support In NT4
Boot Programs Automatically                    Quick Control Panel In NT4
Boot Users From Your Computer                 Retrieve The Windows CD Key
Browse In A New Process                  Run Explorer In Separate Process
Change Logon Background Color             Shutdown Computer From Distance
Changing The Default Fonts                       Speed Up Your NIC In NT4
Customize Details In Explorer                   Use Windows Update In NT4
Disable The CD-Rom AutoPlay                 Using Encrypting File Sharing
Dual Boot Options In NT4                    Using The Performance Monitor
Find The Size Of A Program                       Windows NT4 Task Manager