DOS Setup Switches

If you install Windows Me form a DOS prompt, Setup allows several command line switches. When installing from the CD-Rom, include the switch(s)after typing in D:\Setup. Example: 'D:\Setup /C /IE'. Be sure to include a space in between every switch you use.

 /C       Instructs Setup not to load the SmartDrive disk cache
 /IL      Loads the Logitech Mouse Driver instead of the Microsoft Mouse
          Driver Use this option if you have a Logitech Series C mouse
 [batch]  Specifies the name and location of the file that contains
          Setup options
 /T:TMP   Specifies the directory where Setup will copy its temporary Files
 /IM      Skips the memory check
 /ID      Skips the disk-space check 
 /IS      Skips the ScanDisk check
 /IQ      Skips the check for crossed-linked files
 /IN      Runs Setup without the Network setup module
 /IE      Bypass the Startup Disk Wizard. The "C:\Windows\Command EBD"
          file and the Emergency Boot Disk are not created
 /IH      Skips the Registry check
 /IV      Skips billboards display during upgrade Setup from
          within Windows
 /IP      Bypass detection of undocumented Plug N Play devices
 /IR      Bypass detection of system CMOS/BIOS and does not update
          the Master Boot record
 /IW      Bypasses the Microsoft License Agreement screen
 /N       Runs Setup without mouse support
 /NM      Bypass the internal processor detection, to allow Windows
          to install on systems that do not meet Microsoft's minimum
 /D       Bypass usage of installed Windows configuration
 /IF      Performs quick Setup. Uses CacheFindFirst for filenames and
          speeds up DOS.
 /ICH     Keeps the ScanDisk window visible during Setup
 /IX      Skips codepage checking. Allows usage of different codepages.
 /IY      Skips language conflicts
 /M       Bypasses playing of Setup sounds
 /NA      Bypasses the Windows/MS-DOS program check
 /NF      Bypasses prompt to remove floppy disk from the drive
 /NX      Bypasses SETUPX version check

NOTE: Not all of these switches will work on all windows or systems.