Windows 98 Tips & Tricks

96-Bit Video Resolution                         Instant System Properties
Attributes Column                               Internal PC Speaker Beeps
Capture Error Messages                          Legal Notice Text Caption
Change Title And Scroll Bars                 Low Disk Space Warning In 98
Changing A Drive Letter                          No Key Code Installation
Character Map Tool                             Optimal Video Refresh Rate
Clean 98SE Install                                      PC System Restore
Clean Up Old Printer Files                              PC Speaker Driver
Conservative Swap                                 Quad Speed CD-Rom Drive
CPU Priority To Gain Speed                Registering Windows For Updates
Daylight Savings Time                            Renaming The Recycle Bin
Delete IE Uninstall                       Run Scheduled Tasks During Idle
Deleting Stubborn AVI Files                   Saving Windows Update Files
DOS Setup Switches                                   Sticky Desktop Icons
Dr. Watson Utility                                    System File Checker
Enable Hardware Acceleration                 Turn ToolTips Completely Off
Enabling DMA Support                      Unload Unused DLL's From Memory
Find The Missing Window                      Update Codecs For Multimedia
Freeze Your Explorer View                      Using The Registry Checker
Hidden App - Object Packager                    Using The WinDiff Utility
Hidden App - Tasks                                        Windows 98 Help
Hwinfo Hardware Information                     Windows 98 Screen Capture
Increase File Sharing Cache                     Windows 98 System Folders