No Key Code Installation

If you have lost your Windows product key code, you can still install Windows without the key code. Just follow these steps:

  1. Copy the entire '\Win98' folder from the Windows
     CD-Rom to a temporary directory on your hard drive
  2. Use the DOS based 'EXTRACT.EXE' tool located on the Windows Setup
     CD-Rom drive to copy the 'PIDGEN.DLL' file to a directory on your
     hard drive by running this command in DOS mode: 'Extract
     D:\Win98\ Pidgen.dll'
  3. Run 'DEBUG.EXE' located in 'C:\Windows\Command' from any DOS prompt
     to modify the 'Pidgen.dll' by typing these command lines:
     DEBUG C:\folder\Pidgen.dll E 1ED7
     E 1EDF
  4. Now run Setup from the folder where you copied the Windows folder.
     When prompted to type the product key code, type in any numbers
     and/or letters except all zeros.

If you are trying to reinstall the Windows 98 full version, you may need to follow these extra steps:

  5. When the setup is almost complete, your computer will reboot
  6. When Windows comes back up, it will ask for the product ID
  7. Press the 'Cancel' button and shut down Windows
  8. Reboot your computer and press the F8 key at the 'Starting
     Windows 98' screen
  9. The MS-DOS mode Startup menu will appear. Select the
     'Safe-Mode' option
 10. When Safe Mode comes up, click on the Start button then click
     on Run and type in 'regedit' and  click OK
 11. Search for this string:
 12. In the right pane double-click on 'ProductID'
 13. Type in any characters, letters or numbers, except for all zeros
 14. Close the regedit window
 15. Reboot again in Normal mode to complete the installation