Enabling DMA Support

Warning: Please make very sure that your drives support Ultra-DMA before using this tip. If it does not then your computer will crash.

Starting from OSR2, all future Windows will support DMA for drives. It will make your drives a bit faster at a catch, it will eat up some memory and processing speed. But on most systems, the change is unnoticeable but your drives will be a bit faster. To enable DMA on your drives, follow these steps:

 1. Right-click on My Computer and select 'Properties'
 2. Select the 'Device Manager' tab
 3. Select 'Disk Drives' and choose your hard drive from the list
 4. Select 'Properties' then click on the 'Settings' tab
 5. Click on the 'DMA' checkbox
 6. Select 'Close' on the Windows warning box

Repeat these steps to change your CD-ROM drives.