Clean 98SE Install

Windows 98 Second Edition has the DOS setup disabled by default, so you can not do a clean install from a newly formatted hard drive. To get around this, follow these steps:

 1. Start your computer using a Windows 98 boot disk with
    CD-Rom support
 2. At the command prompt, type 'A:\Fdisk' to create a new hard
    drive partition
 3. Copy the Windows 98SE install files from the CD-Rom to the
    new partition
 4. Install Windows 98 original build from the CD-Rom
 5. Run the Windows 98SE setup and create a boot disk when prompted
 6. Reboot to DOS using the Windows 98SE boot disk
 7. At the command prompt type 'A:\Format /S' to reformat the "C:"
    partition and then copy the system files to the "C:" directory
 8. Remove the boot disk and boot back to DOS
 9. Run the DOS based Setup from the "D:" partition