Windows 95 Tips & Tricks

96-Bit Video Resolution                           Moving The Start Button
Adding The Resource Monitor                       Multiple Desktops In 95
Bypassing The recycle Bin                        No Key Code Installation
Changing A Drive Letter                           No Windows Installation
Clean Up Old Printer Files                              Open With Command
Configuration Backup                           Optimal Video Refresh Rate
Copy, Move, Or Shortcut                                 PC Speaker Driver
CPU Priority To Gain Speed                        Quad Speed CD-Rom Drive
Creating Static Links                                Remember My Password
Daylight Savings Time                            Renaming Files & Folders
Deleting IE Uninstall                              Restoring The Registry
Deleting Stubborn AVI Files                            System Hang Reboot
Display The Startup Menu                           Taskbar Tray Text/Name
Don't Use A Power Strip                              Troubleshoot Printer
DOS Screen Capture                           Turn Off Password At Startup
DOS Setup Switches                             Turn Off The Modem Speaker
Emergency Recovery Utility                   Turn ToolTips Completely Off
Explorer Folders View                     Unload Unused DLL's From Memory
Increase File Sharing Cache                  Update Codecs For Multimedia
Instant System Refresh                                  Using Scrap Files
Internal PC Speaker Beeps                       Using The WinDiff Utility
Legal Notice Text Caption                                 Windows 95 Help
Make Risky Extensions Obvious                   Windows 95 System Folders