Search Everywhere In Windows 8

The Windows 8.1 Search tool is no longer just about scanning your own system. It's now integrated with Bing, delivering Internet results and (sometimes) even Wikipedia-style summaries of whatever you're searching for. To give this a try, launch the Charms bar, click Search, type in anything and press Enter. As well as seeing any matches in your own documents, pictures or videos, you'll get a picture, brief BIO and links to films, videos, albums and more. That's just the start, though. Swipe left (or spin the mouse wheel) and you'll find more pictures and summaries for all the top search engine hits as well as further links for images, videos, related searches and more. Click any of these to open a browser window to that site.

This extra search power can be very useful, but if you'd prefer to keep desktop searches to your own system then it's easy to do so. Launch the Charms bar, click 'Settings->Change PC Settings->Search' and set 'Use Bing to search online' to off.