Windows 7 Tips & Tricks

Add A Video Link To Start Menu                   Explore From My Computer
Add Copy/Move To The Context Menu              Extend Laptop Battery Life  
Add Take Ownership To Explorer                Find The Hidden Aero Themes
Automatically Expand Navigation          Hotkey A Window Between Monitors
Build An Internet Search Connector          Make USB Power Down Correctly
Canceling A Stuck Printer Job               Open Folders In A New Process
Calibrate The Screen Display                   Pin Folders To The Taskbar
Change The Taskbar To Vista Style          Pin Recycle Bin To The Taskbar
Changing Your Computer's Name                Power Efficiency Diagnostics
Clean Up Windows Live Essentials           Recover Locked Up Applications
Clear Windows Explorer Search                   Reveal All Of Your Drives
Custom Start Menu Power Switch            Remove The Shortcut Icon Arrows
Customize The Logon Screen                  Removing The Recycle Bin Icon
Desktop Wallpaper Slideshow               Search Internet From Start Menu
Disable/Enable Aero Shake                   Show The Desktop With A Hover
Disable/Enable Aero Snap               Solve External Hard Drive Problems
Disable Hibernation To Save Space        Speed Up Windows 7 Shutdown Time
Disable Sidebar/Desktop Gadgets            Un-Alphabetize Your Start Menu
Disable Smart Window Arrangement         Using The Problem Steps Recorder
Disable The Taskbar Balloon Tips            View Hidden SendTo Menu Items
Disable The System Restore               View Reliability Monitor History
Disable User Account Control                Ways To Open The Task Manager
Disable The Windows 7 Aero                   Windows 7 Compatibility Mode
Enable Control Panel God Mode               Windows 7 Enhanced Calculator
Enable Virtual WiFi In Windows               Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts