Clean Up Windows Live Essentials

Installing Windows Live Essentials will get you the new versions of Mail, Movie Maker, Photo Gallery and others. Unfortunately, it also includes other components that may be unnecessary. But if you like to keep a clean system then these can be quickly removed.

If you left the default 'Set Your Search Provider' option selected during installation, for instance, Windows Live will install Choice Guard, a tool to set your browser home page and search engine, and prevent other programs from changing them. If this causes problems later, or you just decide you don't need it, then Choice Guard may be removed. Simply click the Start button and enter the following line into the Search box:

msiexec /x {F0E12BBA-AD66-4022-A453-A1C8A0C4D570}

Windows Live also adds an ActiveX Control to help upload your files to Windows Live SkyDrive, as well as the Windows Live Sign-in Assistant, which makes it easier to manage and switch between multiple Windows Live accounts. If you're sure you'll never need either then you can uninstall them through the Control Panel.