Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts

 Win+G                          Cycle between the Gadgets on the Desktop
 Win+M                                Minimizes all windows and programs
 Win+P                      Adjust presentation settings for the display
 Win+Home                    Minimizes all windows except the active one
 Win+Space                                All windows become transparent
 Win+Up Arrow                               Maximize or restore a window
 Win+Down Arrow                              Minimize the current window
 Win+Left arrow   Dock the current window on the left side of the screen
 Win+Right Arrow        Dock the current to the right side of the screen
 Alt+P                      Toggles the preview pane in Windows Explorer
 Alt+Up              Navigate to the parent folder in the current window
 Alt+Left Arrow                                  Go back one folder view
 Alt+Right Arrow                              Go forward one folder view
 Ctrl+Shift+N                   Creates a new window in Windows Explorer