Windows 2012 Keyboard Shortcuts

 Win+C          Opens Charms bar
 Win+D          Switch to desktop (from start screen)
 Win+E          Opens file explorer
 Win+F          Search (files and folders)
 Win+H          Share
 Win+I          Settings
 Win+K          Devices
 Win+M          Minimizes current windows on desktop
 Win+O          Sets device orientation
 Win+Q          Global search
 Win+R          Run command
 Win+U          Ease of access center
 Win+V          Cycles notifications
 Win+Y          Shows desktop screen
 Win+W          System settings search
 Win+X          Quick access menu
 Win+Z          Opens app bar
 Win+Tab        Provides list of running programs
 Win+Pause      System properties
 Win+PgUp       Moves current app to left monitor
 Win+PgDown     Moves current app to right monitor
 Win+PrtScr     Save screenshot
 Win+spacebar   Switch keyboard/input language
 Win+Ctrl+Tab   Cycles through apps
 Win+Shift+V    Cycles notifications in reverse order
 Win+Shift+Tab  Cycles through apps in reverse order