Modifying Local Server Manager

Many of the tasks that are part of the basic server configuration can be handled directly in Server Manager. To do this, click on Local Server. In the middle panel you will see the different tasks and can launch the corresponding wizards by clicking on the links.

In the View menu, you can disable the Welcome Tile, then in 'Manage->Server Manager Properties' enable the option 'Do not start Server Manager automatically at logon'. Normally you need Internet Explorer to install drivers. In Windows Server 2012, advanced security is automatically enabled for Internet Explorer, which can interfere with downloading the drivers. You can disable advanced security for Internet Explorer in Server Manager as follows: Open Server Manager and on the left side, click 'Local Server'. On the right side, click the 'On' link next to 'IE Enhanced Security Configuration' in the Properties section. In the dialog box that then appears, disable the option for 'Users or Administrators only'. After advanced security is disabled, you should be able to download drivers with no trouble.