Using DirectAccess And Agile VPN

Secure and reliable remote access has become a must have for most organizations. Normally an users have had to implement a third party product to make that a reality, adding complexity and cost to what should be a simple accomplishment. With Windows Server 2008, secure remote access, which is also reliable, is now integrated directly into the operating system, making a once tedious chore relatively simple.

DirectAccess allows remote client computers running Windows 7 to connect directly to Intranet-based resources without the complexity of VPN client software. What's more, DirectAccess enables mobile users to experience the same type of connectivity both in and outside of the office, which is unlike a typical VPN connection.

DirectAccess connections can be established even before the user logs on (although mobile users must be logged on to access Intranet resources). Users can also manage remote computers that are connected through DirectAccess regardless of whether the user is logged on.

Agile VPN solves one of the most common problems with traditional VPNs, which are not resilient against connection failures or device outages. Normally, when outages occur, the VPN tunnel terminates and the connection must be reestablished, resulting in lost connectivity that can range from a few minutes to hours or more.

Agile VPN solves those problems by providing multiple network paths between VPN tunnel connection points. In the event of a connection failure or device outage, Agile VPN is designed to automatically use another network path to maintain the existing VPN tunnel.