Quickly Remove Features In 2008

In earlier versions of Windows, you use the Add/Remove Windows Components option of the Add Or Remove Programs utility to add or remove operating system components. In Windows Server 2008 R2, you configure operating system components as Windows features that you can turn on or off rather than add or remove. To remove server features, simply follow these steps:

 1. Go to 'Start->Administrative Tools->Server Manager
 2. Select 'Features' in the left pane then click 'Remove Features'
    (If the wizard displays the 'Before You Begin' page, read the
    intro text and then click 'Next'. You can avoid seeing this
    page the next time you start the wizard by selecting the 'Skip
    This Page By Default' checkbox before clicking Next)
 3. To remove a feature, uncheck the checkbox. If you try to remove
    a feature that another feature depends on, you'll see a warning
    stating that you cannot remove the feature unless you also remove
    the other feature. Click the 'Remove Dependent Feature' button to
    remove both features
 4. Click 'Next' then click 'Remove'