Install Windows Search In 2008

The Windows Search feature is required for many other search features, such as the Start menu Search tool and the 2007 Office Outlook Search functionality. To install Windows Search, follow these steps:

 1. Start the Windows Service Manager
 2. Locate the Roles Summary area then click on 'Add Roles'
 3. On the 'Before You Begin' page click on 'Next'
 4. Click on the 'File Services' checkbox
 5. Click on  'Next' then 'Next' again
 6. Click on the 'Windows Search Service' checkbox then click 'Next'
 7. Click to select the checkboxes that correspond to the volumes
    that you want to index then click 'Next'
 8. Click on the 'Install' button
 9. Click 'Close' to exit the Add Roles Wizard