Configure The Time And Date

Windows Server 2008 has an interesting option to install it with a minimal graphical user interface. This method of installation is called 'Server Core' and it allows an administrator to only install the minimum binaries required to run a specific server role. Since there are virtually no graphical tools to use in Server Core, one must be able to configure its settings via Command Prompt, PowerShell or other means.

As you may know, setting the right time, date and time zone on a windows machine is crucial for it to properly function, especially in an Active Directory environment. In order to configure time, date, and time zone settings on a machine running Windows 2008 Server Core, please follow these steps:

 1. Type 'Control timedate.cpl' in any command prompt
 2. To change the time and date, click on the 'Change Date and Time'
 3. To change the time zone, click on the 'Change Time Zone' button
 4. Click on the 'OK' button to exit the applet