Enable SNMP In Windows 2003

If you want information on your Windows Server 2003 devices, SNMP is still the way to go. Here's how to enable SNMP in order to inventory your system statistics and send the results to the location of your choice:

 1. Go to 'Start->Control Panel->Add Or Remove Programs'
 2. Choose 'Add/Remove Windows Components'
 3. In the Windows Components window, scroll down and select
    'Management And Monitoring Tools', don't put a check mark
    in the selector box, simply select the entry
 4. Click on the 'Details' button
 5. Scroll down and select the check box next to 'Simple Network
    Management Protocol'
 6. Click 'OK' to return to the Windows Component window
 7. Click 'Next' and, if prompted, insert the Windows CD-Rom