Windows 10 Tips & Tricks

Access The Alternate Start Menu     Move Windows Between Virtual Desktops
Add My Computer Icon To Desktop       New Windows Command Prompt Features
Add Take Ownership To Explorer              No Mouse Button Drag-And-Drop
Analyze Available Storage Space                *Pin People To The Taskbar
Avoid Using A Microsoft Account       Record A Video Of An App In Windows
Background Scrolling Has Arrived          Remove The Shortcut Icon Arrows
Bash Finally Comes To Windows            *Remove Windows 10 Built-In Apps
*Boot Up Windows Troubleshooting            Removing The Recycle Bin Icon
Bring Back Windows Photo Viewer           Resizing The Windows Start Menu
Canceling A Stuck Printer Job                 Rotating Your Screen Around
Change Color Of The Start Menu             *Save Space With Storage Sense
Change Default Screenshot Location         Save Your Maps For Offline Use
Change Where OneDrive Saves Files          Saving Your Laptop Battery Use
Changing Your Computer's Name                  Say Hey To The New Cortana
*Creating Start Menu Folders            Schedule Your Windows 10 Restarts
Customize The Windows Start Menu         Setting Up Cortana In Windows 10
Deleting The Hiberfil.sys File       Share A USB Printer Over The Network
Disable All Windows Animations             *Stop Automatic Driver Updates
Disable Windows 10 Updates             Switching The Windows Audio source
Dynamic Lock Replaces Win+L             Troubleshoot In A Single Location
Emoji's On Your Keyboard               Troubleshoot Windows 10 Activation
Enable Control Panel GodMode              *Turn Off Cortana In Windows 10
*Enbale Dark Mode In Windows 10     Turn Off Explorer's Quick Access View
Exercise Cortana Caution                 Turn Off Windows 10 WiFi Sharing
Find The Original Control Panel     *Turn your PC into A Wireless Display
Find The Windows 10 Product Key                  Turning Off The Tracking
Fix Default App Associations           Using Filters To Find Files Faster
Fix The Blurred Text Problem          Using The Maximum Windows CPU Power
GPU Stats In The Task Manager                  Using The New Volume Mixer
Guard Your Browser History                  Using The Night Light Feature
Help Cortana Know You Better             View Passwords For WiFi Networks
Install Store Apps Elsewhere                Ways To Open The Task Manager
Logging In With A Finger Press              Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts
*Make Cortana's Ears Perk Up               Windows 10's Touchpad Gestures
Managing Your Store App Notifications    Windows Controlled Folder Access