Turn Your PC Into A Wireless Display

The Windows 10 Wireless Display feature expands the versatility of your PC while extending your visual workspace. You can connect your PC as a wireless display to receive video from tablets, phones, or other Windows 10 PCs. It allows you to transform your PC into an additional monitor for projects where you need more screen coverage.

1. Click the Action Center icon on the lower
   right-hand corner of your Taskbar
2. Select the 'Connect box' in the Action Center menu
3. Click on 'Projecting to this PC'
4. Depending on your security needs, choose 'Available
   everywhere on secure networks' or 'Available everywhere'
   in the Settings window
5. Under the Ask to project to this PC drop-down menu,
   select 'First time only'
6. Click the OK button when you receive the Connect
   notification that a device is attempting to project