View Passwords For WiFi Networks

If you ever needed to look up the password to your WiFi network on Windows 7, all you had to do was click the WiFi icon in the system tray, and from the pop-up menu, right-click on the network you wanted to view the password for to get to its properties. Inside the properties window, was a Security tab where you could check the WiFi password. In Windows 10 this option, while not lost, has become much harder to access. To view the password for known WiFi networks in Windows 10, simply follow these steps:

 1. Right-click on the WiFi icon in the System tray
 2. Click on 'Open Network and Sharing Center'
 3. Click on the network you are connected to
 4. Click on the 'Wireless Properties' button
 5. Click on the 'Security' tab
 6. Click on 'Show Characters' to view the password