Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

Win                Opens the Start Menu
Win+G              Opens the Game Bar
Win+X              Open the Start button context menu
Win+K              Connect to wireless devices
Win+H              Share content
Win+A              Open the Action Center
Win+I              Open Settings app
Win+S              Search Windows, Internet via keyboard
Win+C              Search Windows, Internet using voice
Win+D              Reveal the desktop
Win+E              Opens Windows Explorer
Win+L              Locks the device
Win+R              Runs a command
Win+P              Project the current screen
Win+Space          Change the input language
Win+Shift+Right    Move the current window to another screen
Win+Shift+Left     Move the current window to another screen
Win+1              Open a program pinned to the task bar
Win+Tab            Opens the Task View
Win+Arrow key      Move a window in that direction
Win+Ctrl+Left      Move between virtual desktops
Win+Ctrl+Right     Move between virtual desktops
Win+Ctrl+F4        Shut down the current desktop
Win+Ctrl+D         Make a new virtual desktop
Alt+Tab            Move to the previous window
Alt+Space          Move, Resize etc. a current window
Alt+F4             Close the current window