Security Tips & Tricks

Anonymize Domain Registration                IE Password Storage Location
Change Your IE URL Layout                     Keep The Status Bar Visible
*Check Up On App Permissions            Outsmarting Installed  Keyloggers
Create A Password Reset Disk             Perform Housekeeping On Accounts
Disable Remote Asst/Desktop              Quickly Abort A Shutdown Command
Purge Personal Data Form Wizards           Remove Software You Don't Need
*Disable Ad Tracking In Windows 10           Setting Up Parental Controls
Disable Windows System Restore         Stop Google From Tracking Searches
Disabling AutoPlay/AutoRun           Stop Viruses From Disabling Security
*Disabling Location Tracking                 *Turning On Windows Defender
Enable Secure Login In Windows             Use Passphrases, Not Passwords
Enable BitLocker Encryption             Use The Windows Built-In Firewall
Enable SmartScreen Filter In IE                  Use VPN Over Public WiFi
Encrypt Individual Files/Folders                Using Your Own Router/WAP
Hide Your PC On The Network                  Windows User Account Control