Stop Google From Tracking Searches

There is a way to remain somewhat anonymous on the most popular of all search engines, Google. Remember that if you have a Username log-in with any of the Internet search engines, their systems can build a profile of you. If you're truly paranoid you may want to delete or cancel any free e-mail accounts that are associated with Web search engines and scrub their cookies from your hard drive. If you use any of the services from Google, such as Wallet, Groups, Gmail, or AdSense, or even if you get paid by Google AdWords on your own Web site, then you have an account that points back to your identity. This means that everything you do within the search can now point back to you as a unique user. To stop this from happening, follow these steps:

 1. Go to to sign in to your account.
 2. Click on the Search History page and pick some days on the calendar
    to see every search made since you created your Google account.
 3. Select the Clear Search History button, check off items that you
    wish to remove, and then click the Clear History button.
 4. To prevent Google from collecting this data in the future, select
    items such as Web, Images, and News that you don't want to collect
    data, then press the Pause button.