Purge Personal Data Form Wizards

The information that is entered in a Microsoft Word 2003 wizard such as the Resume Wizard is stored in the Registry. The next time you call up the wizard, the previous information entered is still there. If you don't want this information stored in the registry for personal or security reasons, you can have it automatically deleted every time you restart your computer. Open Notepad and copy this text into it:



Save and name the file 'purge.reg' to anywhere on your computer. Now Go to the Start menu, select 'Programs', then right-click on 'Startup' and select 'Open'. Right-click on an empty space in the window and select 'New->Shortcut'. In the Location section, type in the following line:

REGEDIT -S C:\File Location\purge.reg

Change 'File Location' to the location where you saved the file to then click 'Next'. Give the shortcut a name then click 'Finish'. Now, whenever your restart your computer, all your personal information will be erased.