Create A Password Reset Disk

Microsoft has enhanced security features in XP including the the ability to create a floppy diskette to recover your password in case it is forgotten. To do this, follow these steps:

 1. Click on the Start button and go to 'Settings->Control Panel'
 2. Double-click on the 'User Accounts' icon
 3. Select the account you want to create the disk for
 4. Under 'Related Tasks' click on 'Prevent a forgotten password'
 5. Insert a blank formatted disk and follow the on-screen instructions

If you ever need to reset your password using the recovery disk, follow these steps:

 1. On the welcome screen, click on your user account
 2. Click on the small question mark button
 3. Click on the 'Use your password reset disk' link
 4. Insert the floppy disk and follow the on-screen instructions