Create Publications from Templates

Choose a pre-designed Publisher template to quickly start a new publication. You can find the templates available to you on the application's Start page. You will see the page when Publisher opens when you do not choose to open an existing file. While using Publisher, you can access the Start page from the New menu under the toolbar's File option.

Use the Featured option to search for templates. The Built-In option displays template categories such as brochures or greeting cards. If you cannot find a template you like, use the search box to find templates at the Microsoft Office website.

Suppose you wanted to make a greeting card. You would click Card, choose a design and then click Create and then Other designs. Next, click on 'Page Design' and then 'Change Template'. You can also manage templates. For example, you can create a template from any publication you have made by saving it as one using the 'Save As' dialog. You can also change templates.

Publisher gives you access to Avery templates that work with the brand's special paper and card-stock products. If you want to use a new Avery product, you can find the template for it online. Use the following steps to access Avery templates using Publisher:

From the Start Page, choose Built-In and then choose a template category. Click on a template to discover whether it works with the number that matches your Avery product. When you find the Avery template that matches your needs, click Create. Use available Page Design options to change the fonts, colors and other attributes used in your document. After creating a publisher document, visit the File option from the menu to access your print options. You can also choose Export to save your publication as a PDF or choose Pack and Go options to prepare your file for commercial printing.