Access Local Files Remotely

Use the OneDrive Fetch feature to remotely retrieve files located on your computer. The feature can save the day when your computer did not upload the information you needed to OneDrive, or you forgot to bring your flash drive with you to work. Fetch will also let you remotely stream videos stored on your computer.

A host computer must have Fetch enabled for you to access its files remotely using OneDrive. Use the following steps to activate OneDrive Fetch on a host computer:

Right-click on OneDrive in the Windows taskbar and choose settings from the menu. Click the box associated with the 'Let me use OneDrive to fetch any of my files on this PC' option, and then click the OK button. Use the Windows Start menu to find OneDrive and open it. Doing so starts the service.

Now, use the below steps to fetch files from a Windows computer:

Visit from the remote computer. Log into the account used by your host computer. Click the Settings icon at the top left of your OneDrive window and then choose the PC's option from the list. Choose the host PC from the list that hosts the files you wish to access. If you have not connected previously to the host computer, you will probably need to acquire a security code via SMS or email and enter it into the space provided. Browse the PST computer using the web-based OneDrive interface.