Remove Image Fill Or Background

Some versions of Microsoft Office allow you to remove the fill, also known as the background, of an image. For example, objects or other people behind a portrait photo, or a box of white (or another fill or pattern) surrounding a graphic. Removing the fill increases flexibility and creativity when designing documents and expands text-wrapping options. Follow these steps for removing Fills and Backgrounds in Microsoft Word:

1. Select and save an image to your computer
2. Click 'Insert->Image or Clip Art'
3. Browse to the location where you saved the image
4. Click on the image then select 'Insert'
5. Click the image until the Format menu shows up
6. Select 'Remove Background'

The program will try to remove areas around the main image on its own. If you would like to keep or remove areas not selected automatically, select either 'Mark Areas to Keep' or 'Mark Areas to Remove' then, drawing lines with your mouse to indicate the approximate area you're interested in keeping or removing. Use 'Delete Mark' to get rid of any drawn indicator lines you decide against or 'Discard All Changes' to start over. When you're satisfied with your changes, click 'Keep Changes' to return to your document and see the results.