Custom Animations In PowerPoint

Morph in PowerPoint allows you to create custom animations using virtually any art or text inserted into your slides. It's really up to you what you do with the tool, and some people get very creative with weaving images in and out of their presentations. Here's how to create a new PowerPoint presentation and float a star between two slides.

1. Launch PowerPoint
2. Double-click a presentation template
3. Click 'Insert->Shapes' then click on a star
4. Click and drag your mouse to create a star
5. Right-click the slide thumbnail to the left of the window
6. Click 'Duplicate Slide'
7. Click and drag the star to a new location
8. Hold Shift on your keyboard and click the first slide thumbnail
9. Click 'Transitions' then click 'Morph'

You'll be shown a preview of the animation you just created. This can be chained along multiple slides, and with much more intricate artwork.