OneNote Keyboard Shortcuts

Tab            Create another column in a table with a single row
Enter          Create another row when at the end cell of a table
Home           Move to the beginning of the line
Escape         Cancel the selected outline or page
Delete         Delete the current empty row in a table
Alt+=          Start a math equation or convert selected text to a math equation
Alt+N          Insert a document, picture or file on the current page
Alt+O          Open the search Results pane
Alt+S          Insert a picture from a scanner or a camera
Alt+Enter      Create another paragraph in the same cell in a table
Alt+Ctrl+E     Create a column to the left of the current column in a table
Alt+Ctrl+R     Create a column to the right of the current column in a table
Alt+Shift+D    Insert the current date
Alt+Shift+F    Insert the current date and time
Alt+Shift+P    Show or hide document printouts on the current page
Alt+Shift+T    Insert the current time
Ctrl+A         Select all items on the current page
Ctrl+E         Move the insertion point to the Search box to search all notebooks
Ctrl+P         Start playback of a selected audio or video recording
Ctrl+S         Start playback of a selected audio or video recording
Ctrl+Y         Rewind the current audio or video recording by a few seconds
Ctrl+Enter     Create a row below the current row in a table
Ctrl+Shift     Select the current paragraph and its subordinate paragraphs
Ctrl+Shift+E   Send the selected pages in an e-mail message
Ctrl Shift+T   Jump to the title of the page and select it.
Ctrl+Spacebar  Change the search scope
Shift+F3       While searching the current page, move to the previous result
Shift+End      Select to the end of the line
Shift+Enter    Insert a line break