Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

F2           Edit the current cell
F4           Cycle through various combinations of formula reference types
F5           Open the Go to dialog
F12          Displays the Save as dialog box
Tab          Auto-complete the function name
Home         Return to the 1st cell of the current row in a worksheet
Ctrl+1       Open the Format Cells dialog
Ctrl+C       Copy the contents of the selected cells to Clipboard
Ctrl+N       Create a new workbook
Ctrl+O       Open an existing workbook
Ctrl+P       Open the Print dialog
Ctrl+T       Convert selected cells to a table
Ctrl+S       Save the active workbook
Ctrl+W       Close the active workbook
Ctrl+V       Insert the contents of the Clipboard into the selected cell
Ctrl+X       Cut the contents of the selected cells to Clipboard
Ctrl+Z       Undo your last action
Ctrl+`       Toggle between displaying cell values and formulas
Ctrl+'       Insert the formula of the above cell into the currently selected cell
Ctrl+;       Enter the current date
Ctrl+A       Select the entire worksheet
Ctrl+D       Copy the contents and format of the first cell
Ctrl+F       Display the Find dialog box
Ctrl+Y       Repeat the last action, if possible
Ctrl+F1      Show or hide the Excel Ribbon
Ctrl+Tab     Switch to the next open Excel workbook
Ctrl+End     Move to the last used cell of the current worksheet
Ctrl+Home    Move to the beginning of a worksheet
Ctrl+Enter   Fill the selected cells with the contents of the current cell
Ctrl+Space   Select the entire column
Ctrl+PgUp    Switch to the previous worksheet
Ctrl+PgDown  Switch to the next worksheet
Ctrl+Shift+; Enter the current time
Ctrl+Shift+V Open the Paste Special dialog when clipboard is not empty
Alt+Enter    In cell editing mode, enter a new line into a cell
Shift+Space  Select the entire row