Organize Your Portable Drives

A portable computer, when used with a portable drive, can have the hard drive cut into chunks. Organizing these chunks successfully can make your computer a more efficient and secure computer system. Through trial and error and a review of how you use your computer, you can organize these chunks to fit your needs. Dedicate groups of portable disk you use:

 1. Backup your hard drive and critical portable disks
 2. Downloaded programs and files
 3. Removal of files and programs from your hard drive and other
    portable disks
 4. Your "working" programs and folders/files separated  by those
    with personal data and those that can safely be exposed to the
    Internet and/or actually run Internet software/browsers
 5. Try out programs. If you download "Freeware" faster than you
    can use them, move them onto a portable disk for future use