A List Of File Formats

Here is a list of the most common file formats found on the Internet:

 au/aiff    Common sound file format
 asp        Active server pages
 avi        Audio-video file format
 bin        Mac binary II encoded file
 cda        Compact disk audio
 doc        Microsoft word document
 exe        Windows executable file
 gif        Graphical interchange format
 gz         Gnu version of zip. Common on Unix systems
 htm/html   Hyper text markup language, web pages
 jpg/jpeg   24 bit graphic format
 mid/midi   Musical instrument file
 mim        Multipurpose Internet mail extensions
 mpg/mpeg   Standard movie format
 mov/qt     QuickTime movie. Apple's movie format
 pdf        Portable document format. Used to publish documents
 png        Graphics format similar to gif
 ppt        Power Point presentation
 ps         Postscript file. Used for printing documents
 ra/ram     Real Audio file
 rm         Real movie file
 rar        Compressed file format similar to zip
 sea        Stuffit self-extracting file
 shtml      HTML with server side includes
 sit        Stuffit archive. Compressed file
 tar        Compressed files common with Unix
 tiff       High quality image format
 txt        Plain text file
 uu/uue     Unix file used to send binary files through email
 wav        Windows sound file
 z          Unix compressed file format
 zip        Windows compressed file format