Connect 2 Computers Via USB

If you need to share files between two computers, a USB to USB cable is one of the fastest ways to do it. Sometimes, it isn't convenient to get a hub or router to hook up two PCs, so a USB to USB cable comes in very handy. You can even share an Internet connection between the computers.

The first step in connecting the two PCs together is of course to get the USB to USB cable. Just make sure to get the type of cable that is 'Bridged'. This means there is a special feature in the cable that allows two PCs to communicate. Once you've obtained the cable, you can hook up the PCs. The first thing you need to do is install any software and drivers that came with the cable.

Most cables should offer two modes of connection. In the 'Link Mode' you can freely copy files between the two computers. In the 'Network Mode' you can not only copy files, but you can also share folders, printers and an Internet connection. If you're using the cable under Link Mode, you simply access the transfer program provided by the cable's software. Open up the program and start transferring your files. If you're using the Network Mode, you'll need to follow these steps to enable the Internet connection for both computers:

 1. Go to the PC with the Internet access
 2. Click on the Start button and select'Settings->Network Connections'
 3. Right-click on your Internet adapter and select 'Properties'
 4. Click on the 'Advanced' tab and check the 'Allow other network users
    to connect through this computer's Internet connection' checkbox
 5. Restart your computer and both computers should now have Internet