Microsoft Excel 2000

Follow these steps for the Excel 2000 Easter Egg:

 1. Run Microsoft Excel 2000
 2. Select 'Save As Web Page' in the file menu
 3. Select 'Save Selection Sheet'
 4. Check the 'Publish Sheet' and 'Add Interactivity' boxes
    then click 'Save'
 5. Exit Microsoft Excel 2000
 6. Load the saved HTML page in Internet Explorer
 7. Scroll down to row 2000, column WC
 8. Highlight the entire line on row 2000 and press the 'Tab'
    button until WC is selected again
 9. Hold down 'Ctrl+Shift+Alt' and left-click once on the
    Microsoft Office logo in the upper left corner of the
    Microsoft Excel 2000 logo

Watch the street painted with excel 2000 team credits fly by, in this clone of the Spy Hunter driving game. Use the Up/Down arrow keys to accelerate/decelerate. Use the Left/right arrow keys to steer the car. Press the Space bar to fire the machine guns. Press the o key to drop oil slicks. Press the h key to turn on the headlights in the dark. Press the ESC key to exit.