Windows 98SE Credits

Follow these steps to activate the Windows 98SE Credits slide show Easter Egg:

 1. Click on the Start button, point to 'Settings' and select
    'Control Panel'
 2. Double-click on the 'Regional Settings' icon
 3. Hold down the 'Ctrl' key and left-click once on the African
    continent near Cairo, Egypt left of the most inner point of
    River Nile
 4. With 'Ctrl' pressed, drag your mouse cursor near Memphis, Tenn.
    on the northern American continent left of half way between
    the Great Lakes and Florida
 5. Keep holding 'Ctrl' but release the mouse button
 6. Left-click and drag from Memphis, Tennessee to Redmond, Washington
 7. Release both the 'Ctrl' key and the mouse button

The Windows 98SE Credits slide show should start if everything was done right. All mouse clicks require accurate precision on the map.